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Student killed in fight at St James school

October 25, 2007

GREEN POND, St James - Classes at the Green Pond High School were aborted yesterday after a male Grade Ten student was allegedly stabbed to death by another during a fight along an upstairs corridor of the school.

The dead student has been identified as Junior Spence of a Farm Heights, St James address, while his alleged killer is in police custody.

According to the police, the boys were involved in a fight at approximately 11:15 am. The accused, the police alleged, left the school compound and returned with a knife, which he used to stab Junior in the chest. Junior was taken to hospital where he died.

Ironically, the incident occurred a little over an hour after a police team conducted searches for knives and other weapons at the school.

Yesterday students and teachers at the school were left in shock. Hours after the incident, dazed-looking students were seen milling around on the compound despite a slight drizzle, while several teachers - bewilderment etched on their faces - stared listlessly through windows on the administrative block.

A pool of blood was visible immediately outside that block, while a trail led up a nearby stairway where the incident earlier unfolded.

A handful of teary-eyed students were still at the scene, one of whom alleged that the accused was hit with a T-square in the head during the altercation.

The injured student is said to have jumped over a section of the school fence before returning with a knife which he rammed into Junior's chest during the lunch break.
"Mi get stab inna me heart", were the final words Junior was quoted as uttering.

Yesterday principal Michael Ellis said classes would be postponed until Monday as a result of the incident.
"Everybody is traumatised right now because we did not expect anything like this to happen. Nobody expected this to happen. The whole school family is traumatised. We have to be trying our best to help everybody to get on as soon as possible," Ellis told the Observer.

Author: Horace Hines
Source: Jamaica Observer


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