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ZipLaw DVD Installation

For your Ziplaw DVD to work efficiently, follow these steps:

  • Double Click on "My Computer" Icon
  • Double Click on DVD ROM Drive - label is "JZC08" - to access DVD
  • Double Click on Folder "Win32" to open
  • Double Click on Setup.exe - with Blue Monitor icon - to start setup
  • As setup progresses, accept ALL default values by clicking on "Next" or "Yes" as the case may be.  Change nothing at all except to enter your name and Company where applicable
  • Finally Click on "Finish" when it is shown.  Some computers may advise that it is about to restart to complete setup, others may not.  Change nothing - just accept default values right down to the "Finish Button"

          To access installed program:

  • Go to the Start Menu, Programs option, then ZipLaw>the Law of Jamaica.
  • A Pop-up box will appear titled "ActiveBar Evaluation Copy", click ok. Two other pop-up box will appear, do the following to access the Ziplaw Application:-
  • The first pop-up box will ask "Location of public dockets". Select the drive that the Ziplaw DVD is in from the pop-up, expand it and highlight "System" then click ok.
  • Then another pop-up box will ask "Where do you want to save your dockets" select My Documents from the pop-up box then click ok.



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